NEWS and shenanigans

I'm almost done with the website updates.
Do you like what you see? Message me on facebook and let me know!

Some grand scehemes are harder than they seem…
But this site will be spunky once I work it all out!

Website Updates.
I'm getting onto HTML5. Yep, I hand code my own site.

Chariot is almost here!
I've been working with the Emanate crew all year on this. It's surprising how it all comes together in the last week! Yes, we open in a week. I hope to see you there!

I did Brisbane's Lifeline Bookfest.
I wasn't performing, sadly. But I did bring home a quality haul. Bookfest is a great theatre resource if you know what you're looking for, which is why you should know your theory!

THOUGHTS of a possible madman
Best Intentions

So, about those best intentions. It seems they struck again.

November came quickly, did it not? And now it's almost gone. I'm only now presenting my new site, and there's still a big chunk in the middle that's missing.

To be fair: 2016 seems to be a year of the world going backwards. Or, perhaps, the culmination of years of stagnation masquerading as progress.
The messes we keep trying to sweep under the carpet errupting.
Or the skeletons in our cupboards finally splitting the wooden-seams.

For many, 2016 hasn't been a particularly great year. Yes, it's had highlights—but they've been somewhat overshadowed, methinks, by death. Literal and figurative.

Still; Can I blame 2016 for all of my woes? Probably not. As much as those who cry "Why is this still a thing!? It's 2016 already!" would like to believe an arbitrary year in the vast expanse of time should mark a precendent for positive change; it doesn't. Nor does it set a precedent for the negative.
The precedent is set by our own human nature.
And so, this year, as much as I'd like to moan and whine about circumstances; I have as much, if not more, to do with my lack of advancement than I'd like to admit. But admit I will.
As 2016 winds down to it's seasonal nap, here's to next year and willfully (as opposed to hopefully) learning a lesson or three.
And acting on them.

On Social Media Updates

For years I've been ahead of the social media curve. I discovered Indiegogo way back in 2007, before the tune of the crowdfunding bandwagon. I signed up to LinkedIn around the same time. I opted out of twitter in 2008 because there wasn't much reach into my social network. I made an acount a few years later with the best intentions of keeping it updated.

Best intentions” actually sums up my entire relationship with the Blogosphere.

I've known about, and signed up for many social media platforms before Social Media was even a thing. But I have never been able to keep posting. I've tried to justify that I save my ideas for creative writing. Yet those endeavours often as sporadic and unfinished as the many half-typed “articles” I have floating around (those are air-quotes, FYI). There are many other excuses I could make. But, after much deserved self-effacing, introverted introspection I have concluded I have simply been lazy in where I decide to place my time.

I'd like to note that I'm not including the melencholic days some of us (though I experience them at a lesser degree thanks to OCD often taking precedence). But there are many days when I do have clarity of mind, yet end up reading random facts on the internet. Compulsive Wiki and StackExchange viewing consumes far too much time. With such an abundance of spare time recently [read: not having a 'day-job'], I should have read all the theatre theory on my bookshelf (there's a lot), and published an article on each chapter, hence. But I haven't. And so I'm redesigning my website with two types of blogs on the front page. I'm going the whole hog:
Mini updates with which to embarrass myself when I see months pass without career advance.
This space for tips, tricks, rants, and congenital generating.

Needless to say, I hope you don't expect such selfish posts as these in coming days. I'd like to say this year spells the end of all my 'best intentions' but, well, you know...